AHEE’s Music

Sometimes enigmas are hard to define, here we have simplified the extremely prolific output of AHEE into an understandable format. With over 75+ albums of music it can be overwhelming where to start. So here are the 3 main styles of sets AHEE performs.


AHEE’s Ghost Angel

Ghost Angel is AHEE’s Leftfield and Weird Bass series. Strange sound design, story-like archs, and Bass Heavy rhythms characterize this side of AHEE’s prolific output.

(Officially out in Feb 2019)

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AHEE’s Bass Ship

AHEE’s Bass Ship series is known for its high energy take on recognizable Bass music genres such as Trap, Breaks, Future Bass, Bass House, & Twerk. The Bass Ship series have garnered numerous releases on Labels such as Play Me Records, Impossible Records, MalLabel, & Gravitas and have recieved support from artists such as AC Slater, Wuki, Reid Speed, KJ Sawka, & iLL.Gates.

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AHEE’s Found Sound

AHEE’s Found Sound series focuses on musical art pieces made entirely from field recordings. This massive 48+ album collection encompasses ambient, IDM, & electro-acoustic works of AHEE.

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AHEE's Ghost Angel

“The Ghost Angel series came from a deeper part of me that needs to experiment, reach into uncharted territory and learn to swim there.” -AHEE

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Ghost Angel Promo Reel.

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(Officially out on Dome Of Doom in Feb 2019)

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“When the music takes over and you get that rush of energy; it’s one of the best feelings. Thats what brought me into electronic dance music as a kid, the energy.” -AHEE

More of AHEE’s Bass Ship on Soundcloud.

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AHEE's Found Sound

“AHEE originally was an acromym for A Human Expressing Experience. I found it rather poetic that all of my Found Sound music was literally made out of my own experiences. Combining what I felt like at a time & an audio recording of that time became an obsession of mine. Thusly I made probably 48 or more albums of this style.” - AHEE

AHEE’s Found Sound on Spotify.

More of AHEE’s Found Sound on Spotify.

Even more of AHEE’s Found Sound on Spotify.

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